Workouts Designed for Your Individual Needs

Totally Fit has been located in downtown Middlefield, Ohio since 2010. We offer group classes with individualized attention, personal training programs, nutritional guidance, wellness programs and much more. 

Whether you are six or 86 years young, have always had an active lifestyle or have never lifted a weight, Totally Fit is a good fit for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.



Feeling sluggish? Run down? Totally Fit will encourage you to exercise your way to vibrant health, while having fun along the way! 



Totally Fit works in partnership with you, meeting you where you are and gently pushing you to go a step further. 


If you enjoy what you are doing, you will continue to do it. Totally Fit focuses on helping you get the results you want so you can joyfully implement more beneficial choices.